Sex Positions Limited in Swiss Brothels

Imagine the Board of Directors sitting down for this Zoom meeting… Sex workers in Switzerland have come up with a plan to help brothels safely reopen:  Customers will be limited to two sex positions that avoid face-to-face contact.  And men with longer ring fingers may be less likely to die from coronavirus because of higher…


Check Out What this Russian Nurse Is Wearing

She’s in trouble fro what she had on under her see-thru VINYL PPE! Actually, don’t you think she should be elected next Russian President?! HAHA Full details here: (DailyMail)


Older Texas Dudes are RELATED AND SEXUALLY involved AND one is DEAD?!!

Where do you even begin with this??!! WTF An 81-year-old guy in Houston is facing aggravated assault charges after he accidentally killed his 65-year-old male relative during S&M sex.  It’s not clear exactly how the two guys are related. Full story here: (NBC 2 – Houston)