The History Of Johnstown Explored In A New Book Out Now

The Images of America Book series now has a book out entitled JOHNSTOWN INDUSTRY. The book looks at the history of the community with the iron and steel, coal, and transportation industries getting a spotlight in their own individual chapters. With startling images and descriptions, it’s a great look at our area. We talked to…


Damn Nature You Scary: Swallowed by Whale?

Massachusetts Diver Survives Being Partly Swallowed By Whale (Provincetown, MA)  —  A Massachusetts lobster diver is healing after nearly being swallowed by a whale.  The Cape Cod Times reports 56-year-old Michael Packard of Wellfleet is in stable condition with a broken leg after getting caught in the mouth of a humpback whale Friday morning.  He…


Westmont/PSU Grad Talks Working At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Josh Miller is a 2008 graduate of Westmont Hilltop. He went to Penn State and he is currently working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We got to talk to Josh about working on the MARS Rover Perseverance, his future projects, The Penn State club that led him to his career, and we may have asked…


Damn Nature You Scary: Florida Alligator Style

Dude gets gnawed on by gator “It felt very heavy and it really felt like it was moving very fast,” he told CNN. “It felt blunt. It felt like a blunt force. I didn’t feel the cutting, I felt a pulling.” Story here: (CNN)


TikTok’ers Figure Out Mystery Illness?

People on TikTok have been talking about a new MYSTERY illness going around that’s worse than allergies, but not nearly as bad as Covid. Click here for the story: (Vice)