Pawsome Pets


Each week, we visit the Humane Society of Cambria County and focus the spotlight on one or two of the animals in the shelter or an aspect of the operation.  It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about the Humane Society and the animals who are available for adoption!  So… browse the pictures and videos below!  And if you’re considering adopting a pet or are looking for a volunteer opportunity, contact the Humane Society at 814-535-6116 or click HERE.

10/24/2019 – Two is Better than One!

There are still a LOT of cats and kittens available at the Humane Society, so there’s a special adoption event going on now.  Adopt two cats/kittens, and they’ll waive the adoption fee for one as long as your application is submitted by October 31, 2019.  Here’s Smokes, a five-month-old male kitten who is looking for his first home.  And Juniper is a one-year-old female guinea pig also looking for a place to call home.

9/26/19 – Cats and kittens!

The Humane Society of Cambria has a lot of cats and kittens available now.  More than 115 cats and kittens are looking for their forever homes, including Midnight.  She’s a ten year old spayed female.  There’s also Yukon, a 5 year old grey male who is a Siamese mix.  There are also plenty of younger felines like these handsome grey kittens!

9/19/2019 – Kittens!

Looking for a feline friend?  There are a lot of kittens to choose from right now at the Humane Society’s animal shelter.  “Feta” is an orange tabby kitten who is about 4 1/2 months old.  He has friends with all different kinds of markings and personalities.  Visit the shelter to meet them!

9/05/2019 – Parakeets!

A pair of parakeets is now available for adoption at the Humane Society!

8/15/19 – Rosey and Posey!

Rosey is a three-year-old black cat and Posey is one of her kittens.  They pair are very friendly and being adopted out together.

8/01/19 – Poodles!

Bob and Marley are a bonded pair of male poodles!  They’re friendly and energetic and ready for their forever home.  Both dogs are male, about 11 years old and neutered.

7/18/2019 – Kittens!

Here are 5 tabby kittens ready for adoption!  They are all 12 weeks old.  Four males and one female.  All playful and ready for adoption!

6/27/2019 – Blossom is ready for adoption!

We met Blossom about a month ago.  Now this calico kitten is 8 weeks old and ready for adoption.  She’s been in a foster home for the past few weeks, so she’s well socialized and gets along with children and other cats.  She’s energetic, loves to play and she’s very vocal.  The first picture (on the left) is from June and the second picture is from today!





6/13/2019 – Meet Ivy

Ivy is a female calico guinea pig.  She’s about a year old and available for adoption now!

6/05/2019 – Bailey is a beauty!

Bailey is a friendly, energetic dog!  She’s a medium-sized French Bulldog & American Shaffordshire Terrier mix, about 3 or 4 years old and spayed.  NOTE:  If you want to learn more about pit bulls or dogs in general, there is a FREE class on Monday at Highland Library in Richland entitled “Bully Breed Basics”.  The class starts at 6:30, no pre-registration needed.  Humans only, but it is open to everyone interested in dogs. Click HERE for more info on the free class.

5/30/2019 – This is Bubba!

Bubba is a super friendly mastiff!  Within seconds of meeting him, he sat and wanted to shake hands.  Bubba is about 8 years old and neutered. This quiet and curious dog is looking for his new home!

5/23/2019 – Kittens!!!  Meet Blossom and friends

Blossom is a 4-week-old calico kitten who will be available to take home in about a month.  She’s energetic and very vocal.  There are also four grey kittens are all brothers!  They are six weeks old and will be ready to go home with you in a couple of weeks!

5/15/2019 – Wanna bring a bunny home? Meet Snooki!

Snooki is an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit available for adoption now at the Humane Society.  She’s about a year old and entered the animal shelter at the end of last week.

5/10/2019 – Here’s Minnie!

Minnie is a senior dog who is a Boston Terrier-beagle mix.  She is between 12 and 14 years old, quiet (doesn’t bark much) and gets along with other dogs.  Minnie is part of this weekend’s adoption event.  Her adoption fee is reduced for her adoptive family as part of this event that runs through Mother’s Day.  In the pictures below, you see her with a canine friend in her foster home.

5/03/2019 – Meet Stanley!

Stanley is a 12-year-old Shepherd Husky mix who is looking for a new home.  Stanley is super friendly, quiet and neutered.  He loves being petted and scratched!

4/25/2019 – Kitten Yoga is this Sunday and meet Bonnie, Clyde and Gizmo!

“Kitty Cats and Yoga Mats” is going on this Sunday afternoon!  It’s gentle flow yoga in the company of adoptable kittens!  Click HERE for more info on this fun event!

Bonnie, Clyde and Gizmo are some of the newest residents at the animal shelter.  They are ferrets who were surrendered by a loving owner who couldn’t take them with her when she moved.  Each ferret is about three years old.  Bonnie is female, Clyde and Gizmo are males.  They are available for adoption now and there are some ferret care accessories that their new owner will be able to use to take care of them.


4/18/2019 – Introducing Milo!

Milo is a two-year-old German Shepherd who is energetic and has had some professional training.  He’s a neutered male currently being fostered but he’s definitely available for adoption.  In fact, Milo is part of the adoption event going on now through Saturday, April 20th at the Humane Society!

4/11/2019 – Meet Champ! ADOPTED!

Champ is a senior dog looking for a new home.  Champ is a neutered 12-year-old male Cocker Spaniel who is friendly and quiet.  He loves his toys and loves a comfy dog bed too!

4/04/2019 – This is Nora! ADOPTED!

Here’s a sweet kitten who was found alone!  Nora needs a forever home to grow up in!  She’s a domestic long hair kitten with dark brown and black fur.

3/28/2019 – Meet Ash & Twinkle!  Adoption event now through Sunday!


Ash and Twinkle are both spayed female cats, each about 2 years old.  Ash is the grey on the left and Twinkle is the orange tabby on the right.  They have been roommates for quite a while.  Since they get along so well and are friends, it would be great for them to be adopted together.

Ash and Twinkle are part of the Humane Society’s current adoption event.  Now through Sunday, March 31, there are about a dozen animals with discounted adoption fees.  Visit the shelter to meet them.  You might find the perfect dog or cat to join your family!




3/22/2019 – Meet Pilgrim! ADOPTED!

Pilgrim is a boxer mix who’s about 7 years old  He is a friendly dog with some special needs, so stop into the shelter to meet him!

3/14/2019 – Here’s Josie B.

Josie B. is a 15-year-old spayed female long haired brown tabby looking for a new home.  Her owner entered nursing care and other family members couldn’t keep Josie B. because of allergies.  Josie B. is quiet and friendly.

3/08/2019 – Meet Sasha

Sasha is a 3 year old spayed female pit bull terrier.  She’s friendly, energetic and affectionate!  She does well with other animals and is available for adoption now!

2/14/2019 – Greta is hanging out in the Kissing Booth! ADOPTED!

Greta is a friendly, 8 year old dog with lots of energy.  She’s one of the sponsored dogs at the Humane Society.  Now through Sunday, she’s available for adoption with the adoption fee already paid!

1/17/2019 – Meet Murph and some cute kittens!  ADOPTED!

Murph is a neutered beagle-terrier mix between 10 and 12 years old.  He’s energetic and gets along well with both dogs and cats.

These two kittens are litter-mates.  They’re 7 weeks old and will be available for adoption next week.


1/10/2019 – Meet Happy, Nelly, and Meko!

Happy is a 10-year-old spayed and declawed female tortoise-shell cat.  She’s playful and looking for her forever home!

Nelly is a brown tabby female, two years old and super playful!

Meko is a 9-month-old husky.  He’s energetic and plays well with other dogs. ADOPTED!

12/21/2018 – Meet Claire! ADOPTED!

Claire is a 3-year-old female orange tabby.  She’s very friendly and easy going toward humans!  Because of a medical condition, Chloe needs to the only cat in her adoptive home.



12/14/2018 – Meet Cinnamon and some cute kittens!


Cinnamon is a 3-year-old female American Staffordshire Terrier mix. She originally arrived at the shelter in August 2017. Twice it was thought she had found a forever home, but things didn’t work out with adoptive families. Cinnamon is a friendly dog who enjoys tugging on rope toys, and she loves to play fetch. The shelter staff is hoping that Cinnamon won’t spend another Christmas with them.




These kittens are all female, all about 8 weeks old, and all available for adoption!

12/06/2018 – Meet Baby! ADOPTED!

Baby is a 10-year-old female black and brown Chihuahua.  As a senior dog, she has some visual impairment.  Baby is very friendly and available for adoption right now!

11/08/2018 Meet Kittypuff, Pop Pop and Jada  ADOPTED!

Kittypuff is a super laid back 10-year-old male.  Noise and lots of people don’t seem to phase him.  He has a bent ear and loves to be petted!

Pop Pop and Jada are a bonded pair of dogs available to be adopted now.  Pop Pop is 10 and Jada is 7.  They’re looking for a forever home to adopt them together.

10/16/2018 It’s Global Cat Day! Adopt a cat!

The animal shelter at the Humane Society of Cambria County has lots of cats available for adoption now!  Click below to hear about the variety of cats available for adoption from the Humane Society’s executive director, Jessica Vamos.

Click the video to meet 3-month-old kitten, Mario! Mario has been adopted!

9/20/2018 Furry Fall Festival

The Furry Fall Festival features a food truck, arts & crafts, and you can visit with potential pets too!  There are dogs, cats, and kittens as young as 8 weeks old available for adoption!

Click below to hear about the Furry Fall Festival and some of the other events planned this season to benefit the Humane Society.



9/13/2018 Microchipping your pet at the Bandshell Bark

A vet tech from the Humane Society will be at the Bandshell Bark in Roxbury Park this Saturday between 11 and 1 to microchip pets.  $15 donation to the Humane Society helps identify your pet.  Lara talks to Jessica from the Humane Society about microchipping, how it works, and why it is important.  Click to listen:

9/06/2018 Twice the fun with Chihuahuas! ADOPTED!

Meet Angel and Snaxle!  This pair of adult Chihuahuas were surrendered to the shelter when their owner’s health declined and she could no longer care for them.  They are energetic and friendly and looking for a loving home.

8/30/2018 Canine Companions!

You’ll find both Hemingway and Reagan at the Humane Society of Cambria County on Galleria Drive Extension in Johnstown.  Both dogs are middle aged dogs who seemed friendly, well-behaved and sedate when I met them today!  If the idea of training of a highly-energetic puppy is overwhelming for you, consider adopting an older dog like Hemingway or Reagan!  Drop by the Humane Society Tuesday through Friday 1 to 7 or Saturday and Sunday noon to 5 to meet them.  The Humane Society phone number is 814-535-6116.

Reagan is an 11 year old female who still has a playful side.  She loves stuffed toys and being outside. UPDATE: Reagan has been adopted!

Hemingway is a 10 year old male pitbull mix.  He loves stuffed toys and bones.  UPDATE:  Hemingway has been ADOPTED!




8/23/2018 Meet some cute kittens!

Looking for a new pet?  Consider adopting from the Humane Society of Cambria County.  They have dogs, cats and kittens waiting for a new home.  I visited with a bunch of the kittens this afternoon.  They’re cute, playful and ready for adoption! To contact the Humane Society, call 814-535-6116 or CLICK HERE to go to their website.  Click below to hear part of the interview with Jessica Vamos, the Humane Society’s Executive Director.