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It’s Pumpkin Time! Check Out 50 Fall Food Products Coming To Stores!

Thank you to for compiling our shopping list with 51 pumpkin and fall inspired foods coming soon. Needless to say, whatever you like, there is a pumpkin version coming to stores. Some sound good (Hershey’s Caramel Filled Chocolates), some interesting (Pumpkin Spice Jello!), and some… well… We don’t know what it is (Pumpkin Noosa)…

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A Married Couple Has Worn Matching Outfits Every Day for 67 Years

A married couple in California has a tradition going for almost 7 decades! They match their clothing… every. single. day. They’ve been married for 67 years and have worn matching outfits every day. They got married at age 19, after meeting in junior high, and are 87 years old now and never missed an outfit.…


Maren Morris 'The Bones' From The Ellen Show