Mechanic Goes Extra Mile To Fix Woman’s Wheelchair Lift

A woman became friendly with a Rhode Island mechanic when he helped her put air into her wheelchair tires. When her truck’s wheelchair lift needed work, she went to him. It’s not the kind of repair he typically does, but he made it his mission to fix it. He spent weeks making it work and…


The Pickle Corn Dog Is Coming To Disney Parks

Several new food and beverage items will be showing up at Disney World and Disneyland this month. There’s one that has everyone talking- the Pickle Corn Dog. It is described as a “panko-crusted dill pickle corn dog served with a side of peanut butter.” Yup. A pickle wrapped in a corn dog, deep fried, served…


Russian Doctors and Nurses Finish Open Heart Surgery As The Hospital Is On Fire!

A hospital in Russia caught fire recently. However, eight doctors and nurses refused to leave because they were in the middle of surgery. Firefighters used fans to keep smoke out of the operating room and ran in a power cable to keep it supplied with electricity. They completed the operation in two hours before moving…


91-Year-Old Arkansas Cop Has No Plans to Retire

LC “Buckshot” Smith of Camden, Arkansas is 91 years old. He may be the world’s oldest serving police officer. He says he has no plans to retire. He already tried that once. After serving for 46 years as a deputy, he retired, but he couldn’t stay away from the job for more than five months.…


Gang Of International LEGO Thieves Arrested In Paris

When you hear of a gang of international thieves being arrested in Paris, you don’t expect the word “Lego”, but here it is. Authorities arrested two men and one woman who had traveled from Poland to a town outside of Paris. They where they were caught raiding a shop and stealing Lego toys to take…


814 Area Code Change In Dialing

With the introduction of the new 582 area code, Starting April, 3, 2021 you must dial all 10 digits in the phone number. Check the saved numbers in your cell. Full info here: (Verizon)


The Time The News Fooled People With The Spaghetti Tree!

In a 1957 April Fool’s Prank, the BBC announced that because of a mild winter in Switzerland, spaghetti trees were producing more spaghetti than normal! They showed footage of people pulling strands of spaghetti off tree branches and created a long story on the history of the spaghetti tree People immediately started calling in asking…


Buy This House In Boston! Realtor Says It’s “Not Haunted”

In a Boston suburb, an unusual real estate sign is making people ask some serious questions. Posted on Twitter, the photo shows a “for sale” sign in front of a home with a sign added to the top reading “not haunted.” Local media reached out to the realty company who claimed to know “nothing about…


New Reports Says Los Angeles Lifeguards Make Some Serious Cash

In Los Angeles County, there’s some serious cash to be made if you’re a lifeguard. An investigation found that seven lifeguards on the payroll pulled in a staggering $392,000 annually! Another eighty of them raked in over $200,000. That doesn’t count overtime. Over two dozen lifeguards were able to pull in between $50 and $131,000…just…