Here’s A Tip! Don’t Hand Your Beer To a Cop During a Traffic Stop

When a police officer approaches your vehicle after you have been pulled over, there are certain things you should do. Get your license and registration ready, for one. What you should NOT do is hand the cop your beer!! A man was approached by game wardens in Texas. The game wardens were patrolling when they…


The History Of Johnstown Explored In A New Book Out Now

The Images of America Book series now has a book out entitled JOHNSTOWN INDUSTRY. The book looks at the history of the community with the iron and steel, coal, and transportation industries getting a spotlight in their own individual chapters. With startling images and descriptions, it’s a great look at our area. We talked to…


How Did a Regular Dad Get So Many Stars to Wish His Daughter a Happy Graduation?

A guy got some pretty major celebrities, including Mark Wahlberg, Bob Saget, Kat Dennings, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan to send video messages congratulating his daughter on her graduation. He even got Full House star Lori Loughlin, who has largely stayed out of the public eye since the college admissions scandal, to submit a message! How…


Talking With Amazon About The Best Books Of The Year… So Far!

The gang at Amazon Book Review has announced the Best Books Of The Year so far. Maggie Shipstead’s Great Circle, a story about independence, shedding your past, following your dreams, and pushing your limits, is the No. 1 selection. Amazon also spotlights the best book in individual categories, including Johnstown’s Russell Shorto and his book…


Web Designer Names New Baby HTML!

Mac Pascual is a web designer who wanted to pass his trade down to his newborn son. That’s why he named the boy “Hypertext Mark-Up Language,” or “HTML” for short. Apparently, unusual names aren’t uncommon in the Pascual clan. Mac says his name is short for “Macaroni ‘85” and his sister’s “official” name is “Spaghetti…


Man Dies, Leaving Behind 38 Wives & 89 Kids

Recently, a man named Ziona Chana passed away in India. Due to his religious practices, he was allowed to marry multiple women and he sure did! When Chana died over the weekend, he left behind an ESTIMATED 39 wives, 94 children, 36 grandchildren, and ONE great-grandchild. According to local news reports, he held the world…


Turns Out You CAN’T Pay For A Hitman In Installments

A woman in Allentown, Pennsylvania has been charged with criminal solicitation after allegedly hiring a hitman to take care of her husband. For $4,000, the deal was made. She paid a $100 down payment and agreed to pay the rest IN INSTALLMENTS! Like putting Christmas gifts on layaway. What she did not know is she…


Teen Made $1.7 MILLION Reselling Goods During Pandemic

A 16-year-old from New Jersey became a millionaire during the pandemic by reselling hard-to-find items online for twice the price. Max Hayden flipped out-of-stock things like outdoor heaters and above-ground swimming pools. He reportedly brought in $1.7-million in revenue. Hayden expects to do even better this year since some products are still hard to find.