Rocky Random Facts for 11/8

1.  Chubby Checker was born Ernest Evans . . . and he got his stage name from Dick Clark’s wife as a play on the name Fats Domino.

2.  “I Love Lucy” was originally sponsored by Philip Morris, so the opening credits for the first season featured cartoon versions of Lucy and Ricky climbing on a giant pack of cigarettes.

3.  The Major League Baseball record for the most home runs by two brothers is held by Hank Aaron and Tommie Aaron.  They have 768 combined . . . 755 from Hank, 13 from Tommie.

4.  The idea of casual Friday started in Hawaii in the 1960s, where people would wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays.  Eventually it migrated to the rest of the country.

5.  Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, and they didn’t make shoes, they just were a distributor for Asics.

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