Rocky Random Facts for 11/2

1.  Sharks can replace a lost or broken tooth in a matter of days.  And they go through around 20,000 teeth in a lifetime.

2.  The name Tyrannosaurus Rex is a mix of Greek and Latin that translates into “tyrant lizard king.”

3.  The youngest person to ever bowl a perfect game was a nine-and-a-half year old in Florida . . . she rolled a 300 in 2013.  The oldest person was a 90-year-old in California who did it in 2012.

4.  The oldest capital city in America is Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was founded in 1610.

5.  The Mall of America in Minnesota doesn’t have a central heating system.  A combination of skylights, all the regular lights, and people’s body heat keep it so warm they even have to run the air conditioner in the winter.

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