Rocky Random Facts 10/31

1.  One study estimated that the average American child collects between 3,500 and 7,000 calories of candy on Halloween.

A 100-pound child who consumed 7,000 calories would have to walk for 44 hours or play full-court basketball for 14.5 hours to burn those off.  (If the over-under is 7,000 calories, where does your kid fall for COLLECTING and EATING?)

2.  Trick-or-treating was also inspired by a tradition called “mumming” from the Middle Ages.  People dressed up as ghosts and demons, and went door-to-door performing songs and scenes from plays in exchange for food and drinks.

3.  Halloween originated in Ireland, and some of the customs there include:  Eating ‘barmbrack,’ which is a traditional fruitcake . . . lighting bonfires . . . and setting off fireworks.

4.  In Germany, it’s tradition for people to hide their knives on Halloween night.  The idea is to prevent returning spirits from getting injured.

5.  Americans used to celebrate the holiday by sending Halloween cards.  In the early 1900s, Halloween cards were about as popular as Christmas cards.

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