Rocky Random Facts for 10/25

1.  During World War Two, Coca-Cola made a special clear version of Coke for the Soviet Union called White Coke.  All because one of their top generals loved the stuff . . . but didn’t want it to look like the American version, and wanted it to resemble vodka.

2.  Trojan condoms and Water Pik are made by the same company:  Church and Dwight.  They also make Arm & Hammer, Aim toothpaste, Nair, and OxiClean.

3.  If Facebook is still around and popular in 2130, there will be more dead people with profiles than living people.  And if Facebook keeps on losing popularity like it has been, it could have more dead users than living ones in around 50 years.

4.  When Sudoku became popular in 2006, pencil sales went up 700%.

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