Rocky Random Facts for 10/20

1.  A dictionary published in 1900 had a list of “recently introduced words” that included:  Aeroplane, automobile, electron, garage, loganberry, pasteurize, ski, taxi, and wireless.

2.  There have been four babies born in Disneyland history . . . all girls.  There’s an urban legend that they get free admission for life, but it’s not true.

3.  The terms “left wing” and “right wing” come from the French Revolution in 1789.  People who supported the king sat on the right side of the president, people who wanted a revolution sat on the left.

4.  Canada has a lower percentage of people who speak fluent English than the Netherlands.  And it’s about equal with Denmark and Zimbabwe.

5.  Boa constrictors don’t kill their prey by suffocating them . . . the animals die because the snake cuts off their circulation so blood can’t get to their organs.

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