Rocky Random Facts for 10/10

1.  Arby’s got its name from founders Leroy and Forrest Raffel.  Get it?  Raffel Brothers . . . RBs . . . Arby’s.

2.  Red pistachios have basically disappeared in the U.S. because they were imported from the Middle East . . . and the red dye covered imperfections because the nuts were low quality.  Today most of the pistachios we eat are grown in America and don’t need dye.

3.  Frosting and icing have different definitions:  Frosting is fluffy and made with a base of cream or butter.  Icing is a thin glaze that’s made with a base of sugar or egg whites.

4.  Amy Schumer is cousins with Senator Chuck Schumer from New York.

5.  Emerson Moser, the legendary maker of Crayola crayons, was “blue-green color blind.”  He retired in 1990, and passed away last year at the age of 92.

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