Spouses Reveal “Normal” Things From Childhood That Are Super Weird

It all started when author and editor Kristen Mulrooney tweeted: “One of the perks of marriage is having someone around to let you know which normal things from your childhood were actually very very weird.”

People responded sharing things they thought was “normal” during their childhood that their spouse (or someone else) pointed out wasn’t like….

“I grew up putting apple sauce in my Kraft mac and cheese and I thought my boyfriend was going to call the authorities on me.”

“My mom always referred to arming the car alarm as ‘chirping.’ Like ‘don’t forget to chirp the car.’ I’ve been informed this has never been said before by anyone else.”

 “My family had a fourth meal before bed, a substantial bed time snack called Night Lunch, the look my wife gave me the first time I said that out loud …. #priceless.”

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