Rocky Random Facts for 9/19

1.  You probably haven’t heard your grandpa tell you to “Snap him.”  Only 2% of people 65 and older are on Snapchat.

2.  Only one country in the world has a flag that doesn’t use red, white, or blue:  Jamaica.  15 years ago, Mauritania and Libya were in this group . . . but they’ve since changed, and both feature red now.

3.  The number one source of antioxidants for Americans is . . . coffee.  Nothing else comes close, not even fruits and vegetables.

4.  If you grunt when you hit a tennis ball, your shot will be approximately 3.8% faster.

5.  The first female senator was Rebecca Latimer Felton from Georgia in 1922.  She was also the last person in Congress that owned slaves.

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