Rocky Random Facts for 9/7

1.  David Bowie was the first major artist to release a downloadable single in 1996.  It was “Telling Lies”

2.  The Statue of Liberty’s nose is four-and-a-half feet long.

3.  In the official Monopoly rules, the reward for landing on Free Parking is . . . nothing.  But almost no one plays that way.  Most people tie some amount of money to landing there.  (Hasbro discourages players from house rules like this, because THAT’S how Monopoly turns into a super long game.)

4.  The first and only G-rated movie to win Best Picture was “Oliver!” in 1969.  And one year later, “Midnight Cowboy” became the first and only X-rated movie to win Best Picture.

5.  Amazon was originally going to be called Relentless.  In fact, if you go to, it still redirects you to

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