Rocky Random Facts for 9/6

1.  Tina Turner is no longer an American citizen.  She gave up her U.S. citizenship for Swiss citizenship in 2013.  She’s lived in Switzerland since 1994.

2.  Phosphorus was accidentally discovered in the 1660s by a guy who was boiling his PEE to turn it into gold.

3.  There are currently six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles in the U.S.  They each drive around a specific area of the country.

4.  When the first typewriter was created in 1868, the creators saved money by not including keys for a zero or a one . . . they figured people could just use “O” and “I.”

5.  Some species of caterpillars have evolved to look like bird poop, so if a bird spots them, they won’t get eaten.

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