Rocky Random Facts for 9/2

1.  In 1945, a German U-boat sank in the North Sea due to “misuse of the new toilet,” which caused water to flood the submarine.

2.  Microsoft Internet Explorer was the default web browser on Mac computers until Apple created Safari in 2003.

3.  Platypuses don’t have nipples . . . they sweat out milk for their babies.

4.  Missing kids aren’t on milk cartons anymore because the program was a big failure.  Only about 70 missing children were ever featured on milk cartons in the U.S. . . . and only one was found alive.

5.  Only one Adam Sandler film has ever gotten an Oscar nomination . . . and it wasn’t Uncut Gems.  Click was nominated for Best Makeup in 2006, but lost to Pan’s Labyrinth.

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