Rocky Random Facts for 8/30

1.  Canadians are required to complete a basic math problem, without a calculator, before claiming lottery winnings.  It’s basically to work around gambling laws.  It could be something like “What is (5×4) – 10?”

2.  The tallest statue in America is the Statue of Liberty at 151 feet . . . not counting the pedestal.  The second tallest is a 110-foot-tall statue of Pegasus fighting a dragon outside a horse racing track in Florida.

3.  Americans spend twice as much suing each other as they do on cars.

4.  Elevators and escalators made by the Otis Elevator Company carry around two billion people a day . . . which means they transport the equivalent of every person in the world approximately every four days.

5.  The first movie with a $100 million budget was “True Lies” in 1994.  It made about $380 million.

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