Rocky Random Facts for 8/18

1.  Human teeth are the only part of the body that cannot heal themselves.  Teeth are coated in enamel, which is not a living tissue.

2.  New Coke has a terrible reputation, but before it launched, it actually beat original Coke and Pepsi in blind taste tests.

3.  The shuttlecock that’s used in badminton today was created by Eddie Bauer . . . the person, not the store.  Before he patented a standard shuttlecock, there was no consistent size, weight, or material for them.

4.  Walt Disney was so bothered by the movie “Psycho” that he banned Alfred Hitchcock from Disneyland.

5.  There’s a name for the “apron” of fat that hangs down from the bottom of a person’s stomach:  It’s called a “pannus” . . . a term that’s derived from the Latin for “tablecloth.”

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