Rocky Random Facts for 8/10

1.  Reno, Nevada is named after the FATHER of the man who invented the first working escalator.

2.  Walt Disney’s last words were “Kurt Russell.”  He lost the ability to speak, so he wrote them on a piece of paper.  He was probably thinking of movie ideas, since Russell had just signed a 10-year contract with Disney.

3.  George R.R. Martin isn’t flashy with the millions of dollars he’s made from writing “Game of Thrones”.  But he DID buy two houses on the same street in Santa Fe, New Mexico:  One to live in, and one to hold all his toys and collectables.

4.  The Little Red-Haired Girl . . . Charlie Brown’s unattainable crush . . . was based off a woman that Charles Schulz briefly dated, but who ultimately married a different guy.

5.  “Partly cloudy” and “mostly sunny” mean the exact same thing in a weather report:  26% to 50% cloud cover.

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