Rocky Random Facts for 8/8

1.  Official temperatures are taken in shade, not under sunlight.

2.  Michael Jackson’s first solo number one hit was the song “Ben” in 1972, from a horror movie called “Ben” about a killer rat.  Michael was 14 years old when he recorded it.

3.  Jennifer Lopez was the first woman to have a number one movie and album in the same week.  It was in 2001 . . . the movie was “The Wedding Planner” and the album was “J.Lo.”

4.  McDonald’s invented bubble gum-flavored broccoli a few years ago, but wound up scrapping it because the kids who taste-tested it found it too confusing.

5.  The people who created the mp3 used the same song over and over to test their compression:  Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega.  They picked it because, quote, “a warm, acapella voice” is the hardest thing to compress.

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