Rocky Random Facts for 8/1

1.  Chuck Norris was a pallbearer at Bruce Lee’s funeral.

2.  Cremation is more popular in Nevada than any other state, where approximately three out of four bodies are cremated.  It’s least popular in Mississippi, where only 19% are cremated.

3.  The Ouija board got its name when the people who created it in 1890 ASKED it what it should be called, and it guided them to O-U-I-J-A.

4.  Orlando International Airport’s abbreviation is MCO because it used to be McCoy Air Force Base.  It changed over to a commercial airport in 1975.

5.  James Garfield is the only U.S. president who’s ever proven a math theorem.  Before he got into politics, he wanted to be a math professor, and discovered a new way to prove the Pythagorean Theorem back in 1876.