Rocky Random Facts for 7/28

1.  Pillsbury forced “The Great British Bake Off” to be called “The Great British Baking Show” in the U.S., because they own a trademark on the term “bake off.”

2.  The first pregnancy tests were created in Egypt in 1350 B.C., where a woman would pee on wheat and barley seeds.  If the barley grew, it meant a boy . . . wheat meant a girl . . . and neither meant she wasn’t pregnant.  But it was less than 30% accurate.

3.  Phoenix is the only state capital with a population over one million.

4.  About 10% of all adult male robin deaths and 3% of the female deaths are caused by other robins attacking them.

5.  Scientists have figured out that if the Kool-Aid Man was real, he WOULD have the force to break through a brick wall . . . but about one-third of his Kool-Aid would splash out in the process.

(Captain Disillusion / NIH / World Atlas / Bird Watching / Vox)