Rocky Random Facts for 7/21

1.  The Sharp electronics company got its name because the founder also invented the Ever-Ready Sharp mechanical pencil.

2.  Thomas Edison predicted in 1894 that it would be scientifically impossible for someone to ever make a phone call across the Atlantic Ocean.  But obviously it was possible, and it happened for the first time in 1927, a few years before he died.

3.  Every single odd number has the letter “e” in it when you spell it out.

4.  Duke University is named after James Buchanan Duke, the guy responsible for creating the modern cigarette.

5.  The term “smart aleck” comes from a PIMP named Alec Hoag from New York City in the 1840s.

He’d rob his prostitute’s clients and thought he could get away with it by bribing the cops . . . but they eventually decided he thought he was too “smart” for his own good and arrested him.