Rocky Random Facts for 7/19

1.  When Vincent Price agreed to do the voice work for Michael Jackson’s Thriller he was given a choice between:  Taking a percentage of the album proceeds . . . or being paid a flat $20,000.  He chose the $20K.

2.  No former Secretary of State has been elected president . . . since James Buchanan in 1856.  Hillary Clinton would’ve been the second, if she’d won in 2016.

3.  During World War Two, women couldn’t get stockings because all the nylon in the country was being used for things like parachutes and ropes.  So they would draw fake seams down the backs of their legs . . . sometimes using GRAVY.

4.  There’s no chemical you can put in a pool that makes the water change color if someone pees . . . that’s just a myth.

5.  You don’t have to have sex to catch CRABS.  You just have to be in close contact with someone who has them, so you could get them from sharing a bed.

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