“A Complete Chameleon and Lover Of So Much Different Music” Talking To Karina Rykman About This Year’s Flood City Music Festival.

If you stayed for the closing act last year during The Ameriserv Flood City Music Festival, you saw Karina Rykman during Marco Benevento’s set. The high energy, wildly fun concert was a perfect topper to last year’s festivities.

This year, Karina is back at the festival with her own band!

We talked to Karina Rykman about balancing tour schedules with multiple different projects, how her eclectic musical taste inspire her music, and how her past careers help her current life.

Karina will once again sends fans home happy when she closes the night on Saturday at The Ameriserv Flood City Music Festival.

Get information on the festival HERE and check out our interview with Karina!