23 Years of Eating Only Potato-Chip Sandwiches?

After 23 years of eating the same, maybe odd, thing every day, a 25-year-old woman has stopped thanks to hypnotherapy. 

Zoe Sadler ate “cheese and onion crisp sandwiches.” That is sandwiches made out of cheese-and-onion-flavored potato chips.

But two things combined to make Sadler seek help: First, she was getting married and presumably wanted to dine on something a little more special than her usual, and second, she was diagnosed with MS and thought, “I need to get healthier.”

She saw a hypnotherapist and now she’s finally been able to eat a “proper meal.”

 In fact, she is now pretty adventurous. “I even tried a Wagamama chili squid, which was really spicy,” she says.

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