Dbag of the Day: Facebook Marketplace-style

Drugs are bad. Don’t do them. Don’t sell them. And, don’t take pics of them for social media.

A 38-year-old man in Missouri named James Kertz was trying to sell a catalytic converter on Facebook Marketplace last week. 

But in the background of the photo, there was a GIANT BAG OF METH, along with a syringe.

A Facebook user tipped off the cops.  Investigators raided James’ place last Wednesday, and seized meth and a .38 caliber pistol.  He had previous felony convictions, so he can’t have guns.

By the way, James was asked about the photo, and he said he didn’t realize the meth and syringe made the shot.  He was charged with drug trafficking and unlawful possession of a weapon.

See the winning Dbag of the Day picture from Facebook here: photo . . . and James’ mugshot.)

Story here: (Fox 8