Cicadas: It’s What’s For Dinner?

Trillions of cicadas are about to rise up from the ground and swarm the eastern U.S.  So here’s a gross question:  Should we start EATING THEM?

Every 17 years, the cicada boom offers a huge boost to the food chain from the bottom up.  But in general, we don’t directly take part in the delicious cicada action.

But maybe we should, because a surprising number of people are up for it.

Someone polled 35,000 Americans, and one in four said they’d give cicada-based food a shot.  That includes 9% who are VERY willing to do it.

Another 13% said probably not, but maybe . . . 44% said no way . . . 15% weren’t sure . . . and one in 50 Americans have ALREADY eaten cicadas.

Men were 50% more likely than women to say they’d give it a try.  And young people were more likely to say yes than older people.

28% also said they’d be up for trying SOME sort of insect-based food.  And a third of us think insects as food will become a bigger trend in the next ten years.