Massive Load of Adult Toys Stuck

If you haven’t heard, that cargo ship is STILL blocking the Suez Canal.  It’s been there for six days now and has caused at least $50 billion in delays.

And one of the delays is on . . . ADULT TOYS.

A giant European adult toy company says they’re losing MILLIONS of dollars because they’ve got 20 entire shipping containers full of products that can’t get through the Suez Canal to get to them.

Basically, they sold through most of their inventory during Valentine’s Day and they were expecting to get their new supply . . . but now, everything is weeks behind.

They’re considering doing what several other companies are doing:  Re-routing their ship around the south end of Africa, but that can add a week to the shipping time AND adds a ton of extra costs.

Engineers have been working around the clock to get the ship free . . . and they finally made some significant progress last night.  You can follow the progress on the website

Full story here: (Metro)