Your Family Do Something Weird You Thought Was Totally Normal

Here are a few of the weirdest answers . . .

1.  For his whole life, a guy thought the “Happy Birthday” song had a second verse about hoping the person would, quote, “live a hundred years and drink a hundred beers.”

2.  A kid had to make a PowerPoint presentation every December to show his dad why he deserved the Christmas gifts he asked for.

3.  A girl’s parents were nudists.  So until she was a teenager, she thought everyone just took all their clothes off as soon as they got home from work.

4.  A guy’s parents always wrote him an allowance CHECK when he was too young to know any better.  So he’d put them in his piggy bank and save them up.  Eventually, he found out they were scamming him.

5.  A mom collected her kids’ tears whenever they cried, and put them in the fridge.  Then they’d check later, and they’d magically turn into chocolate chips.

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