Inmates Escape Prison, Leave Note Promising to Return in Two Weeks (UPDATED)

Italian media reported the strange case of two inmates who managed to escape from prison and left behind a letter explaining their reason for escaping and promising to be back soon.

On the night of June 2nd, two cousins managed to escape, but what really made their escape stand out was the note they left in their prison cell, explaining that they had an urgent family problem to take care of and promising to be back in 15 days.

They claim that they had to escape in order to “protect their children from a nasty business they had got themselves into,” adding that they were the only ones able to do this, since both their wives are also behind bars.

They are still facing a 5-year sentence extension for escaping the prison.

They are due back this Wednesday (6/17)

UPDATED! They didn’t return (SHOCK), they were caught. Check the story HERE.