Lizard Breaks Records For Constipation

This would be the equivalent of a 200 pound human full of 160 pounds of crap??! OMG!

(Cocoa Beach, FL)  —  University of Florida researchers say a reptile has broken the record for the largest mass of feces ever discovered in an animal its size.  Those researchers discovered the lizard near a pizza joint in Cocoa Beach and thought she was pregnant because of her size.  However, with more investigation, they found she was actually super constipated, having eaten lots of things near the restaurant.  The scientists say a CT scan revealed the lizard was filled with 22 grams of poop, weighing about 80-percent of its total size.  The lizard was apparently starving to death from being so full and was humanely euthanized for further study.

Full story here: (SmithsonianMagazine)