Essential employees must wear masks starting Sunday

Beginning at 8 pm Sunday, all employees in essential businesses will be required to wear masks covering their mouths and noses at all times while working.

Customers entering some retail businesses will also be required to wear masks.

The new rules are part of the latest set of directives issued Wednesday by Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine to protect critical workers at businesses authorized to maintain in-person operations during the COVID-19 disaster emergency.  Click HERE for the Secretary’s order.

Some of the measures outlined in the order include:

  • employers providing masks for employees to wear
  • staggering work start/stop times
  • providing space for breaks/meals while maintaining social distance of 6 feet
  • conducting meetings + training virtually
  • ensure that facility has sufficient number of employees to perform all measures listed effectively + safely
  • ensure that facility has sufficient number of personnel to control access, maintain order + enforce social distancing