What the colors of roses represent

Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you are giving roses, you want to send the right message!  Most people are sending red roses today because they represent love.  But if you want to send roses to someone and you want to convey a message other than “I love you”, which color roses should you send?  Here’s some help:

RED roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance.

PINK roses convey admiration and joy.

YELLOW roses are a symbol for friendship and happiness.

CREAM roses are indicative of thoughtfulness.  Perfect for a thank you or letting someone know you care (without romantic intentions).

WHITE roses represent purity, innocence and remembrance.  They are often used at weddings.

ORANGE roses can communicate passionate love, energy and excitement.

LAVENDER roses can say “love at first sight” or be a great gift for your secret crush.

PEACH roses are a great way to say “thank you”.

There are many other colors of roses, including multicolor, blue, and black!  Find out more info HERE.