Be Cool: Know the Idiotic Dating Trends for 2020

WTF happened to regular old, telling someone “Yes” or “No” and moving on from there?!! God, help us!

The dating app Plenty of Fish just put together their predictions for dating trends in 2020 . . . and, basically, it’s all made-up terms.  Check ’em out:

1.  Cause-playing . . . where a casual relationship ends, but the person eventually circles back to ask for a favor, like going to their band’s show or supporting their Kickstarter.  61% of people say this has happened to them.

2.  Eclipsing . . . where you adopt the interests and hobbies of the person you’re dating and pretend you’ve always liked them too.  45% of people have done this.

3.  White clawing . . . where you stay with someone you find boring only because you find them attractive.  27% of people have done this.

4.  Yellow carding . . . when you call out someone for their bad dating etiquette.  27% of people have done this.

5.  Dial toning . . . it’s like pre-emptive ghosting, where someone gives you their number, then ignores every call and text you ever send.  60% of people have had this happen to them, and 35% have done it to someone else.