What’s in the Grammy goodie bags?

If you were going to the Grammy Awards on Sunday, you’d have to get dressed up (and be uncomfortable all night), sit next to a possibly-famous stranger, probably hire a limo and driver, and wear uncomfortable shoes.  Instead, throw on your comfy sweats or pjs, grab your favorite snacks and watch as the music industry honors itself!

By not going to the Grammys, we are passing up the goodie bags, which are supposedly valued at $30,000.  It might be worth a lot, but i’m not sure this stuff is worth THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Here’s what’s in the bags:

  • a gift certificate for a week-long spa stay
  • an electric back massager
  • Milano cookies
  • a $90 striped hoodie
  • a $59 hairbrush
  • an Easter egg decorating kit
  • moisturizer
  • a Baby Shark doll
  • color changing lipstick
  • gourmet lollipops with 24 karat gold
  • a dog toy
  • peanut butter and jelly bars
  • Old Spice body wash
  • a tongue wand
  • cookie dough
  • a bottle of Southern Wicked Lemonade Moonshine