A 10-Year-Old Ran Fifty 5Ks in Fifty Days To Support His Grandfather.

Niall McDermott is his name. He is from San Francisco and yes, he is only 10 years old.

He just finished a pretty impressive feat this past Sunday.

His grandfather has been battling Lung Cancer, and he wanted to do something to support him.

So Niall challenged himself to run FIFTY 5K races in fifty days. 

A 5K is just over 3 miles.

His parents talked to his doctor about it first, and told Niall he could stop whenever he wanted to.  They figured he’d quit at some point, and didn’t think he’d actually do all 50 races.  But he did.

He ran his first 5K at the end of August and he ran his 50th in San Francisco on Sunday.

He raised about $4,000 in the process!