A Website’s “Money Diary” Makes Living In NYC Super Duper Fun… If Your Parents Pay For Everything.

On Sunday, Refinery29.com published a “money diary” from a 21-year-old marketing intern at Siggi’s Yogurt company.  The headline read, “A Week in New York City on $25-an-Hour.”

New York is really expensive, so how does anyone live off a salary of $750 a week?

Well, keep reading the article and you find out how. It is because her parents and grandparents pay for everything!

Rent, student loans, insurance, phone, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon- all no expense due to her parents.

Let’s not forget about her monthly allowance, again from her parents and grandparents. That is $1,100.

A month.

So… what does she pay for? Gym, tanning, and weekends with her friends in the Hamptons.

Her friend that has a personal chef that is.

Read the whole diary HERE.