Top 15 Dad Skills

It’s only ten days until Father’s Day.  What are the most important things guys think they need to do as dads? Braun – the razor company – razors conducted a poll of over a thousand fathers!  They asked 1,200 dads to name the top 15 skills they have to master. Here’s what they said:

1. Cooking a meal

2. Providing the best environment for a good education

3. Guiding kids through college / university

4. Setting up the home WiFi and a Netflix account

5. Building flatpack furniture (Ikea style) / Painting their first home

6. Updating a computer and setting up new games consoles

7. Teaching kids about technology and all those different TV wires

8. Having ‘the chat’ and giving advice on relationships

9. Teaching a son how to shave

10. Firing up the barbeque

11. Taking part in the night feed

12. Doing the school run

13. Untying difficult knots

14. Telling the kids bad jokes

15. Taking good family photographs and videos