Be Sure The Pee Is Clean: DBag of the Day

There’s a 24-year-old woman named Kiana Wallace in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and she was on probation last year after six months in jail for felony drug possession.

As part of her probation, she had to take drug tests.  But back in November, she thought she was going to fail one . . . so she swapped in someone ELSE’S pee.

And . . . it tested positive for drugs.

She was in court earlier this week and the judge said, quote, “Let me get this straight.  To avoid the positive test with your own urine, you used someone else’s urine, which turned out to be positive also?  That’s bizarre.”

He sentenced Kiana to 18 months in prison.


Full story: (NBC 9 – Steubenville)