Survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre in Las Vegas want Jason Aldean to finish his set.  The country music superstar was on stage in October when a gunmen opened fire, killing nearly 60 people and injuring several hundred others.  Shooting survivor Tiffany Thomas created a Facebook group called 58 Survivors 1 Last Set, as well as an online photo album that she plans on sending to Jason.  She says she and the fans want him to see that they love him and they know what he’s going through.
Dierks Bentley has signed an endorsement deal with 5 Hour Energy and will now appear in a new national ad campaign. Dierks says; “With a very full personal life and touring schedule, I’m constantly managing my energy. The boost I get from those shots allows me to tap into my peak energy level at any moment and hit the stage with maximum power and presence.”
If you have a smartspeaker, you can now have Blake Shelton wake you up every morning!  Blake has teamed with Amazon to offer new wakeup alarm messages!