The Original Puppets From The Rudolph TV Special Are Listed On eBay For 10 Million!

When the Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer TV special first aired in 1964, no one knew the value of the actual puppets used during production.

In fact, most of the puppets bounced around for decades. At one point someone was just using them for their Christmas decorations. He was the nephew of a secretary for NBC.

Most of the figurines are gone, But Santa and Rudolph remain.

They have been various places over the years and have now found their way onto eBay.

The seller is asking for 10 million!

Of the high number, the current owner says he is “just curious”.


Want to find out more?!

Here is a 2014 interview with Rick Goldschmidt, historian for the original production company Rankin/Bass