It’s no wonder Jake Owen loves the water!  Jake says when he and his twin brother Jarrod were 12, they opened a huge present under the tree and inside the large box were several smaller boxes to open, until finally there was a tiny box where they found a key. The boys rushed outside to find a new Boston Whaler hanging in their dock. That is when Jake says he fell in love with being on the water.’
Jon Pardi says that he’s planning a duet on his next album.  The CMA New Artist of the Year recorded a song for his next album that Miranda Lambert wrote, and he’s hoping to convince her to sing on it. Jon says it’s almost a done deal because Miranda shook hands on it and she’s a Texan. A handshake goes a long way.  Jon says. “I’m really excited.”
If you want to give Brett Eldridge a Christmas gift, get him something simple.  Brett especially loves getting gag gifts during the holidays.  He says, “I love giving gifts, especially gag gifts. I just love seeing the smile on people’s faces. I’m not a very materialistic person. I lose almost everything I get. If I got the most fancy watch, I would probably lose it, so I’m better off not getting that. For me, I just love to give a gift, and put a smile on someone else’s face. Those are the memories that are the most dear to my heart.”