Top 10 Worst Gifts!

Bad Gift Survey

A new survey by Marmite breakfast spread reveals that 33% of people have purchased a grudge gift for a boss, an ex-partner or a mother-in-law. Other findings:

– each year, the average person receives three holiday gifts they dislike.

– 25% of people can’t remember the last time someone gave them a gift they actually loved.

– 33% of people have had a fight with their partner over a terrible holiday gift attempt.

– 35% of people regift
top 10 most hated Christmas presents

1: A pair of slippers

2: Second-hand clothing

3: An autobiography of someone I don’t like

4: A workout DVD

5: A hand-made gift like jam

6: Sexy underwear

7: A hairbrush

8: An olive oil and balsamic vinegar set

9: Thermals

10: Underwear from your boss