A family feud has erupted over the late Glenn Campbell’s estate.  Three of Campbell’s eight children were excluded from his will.  The will, which was composed in 2006, names Campbell’s wife Kim as the executor of his estate, which is estimated to be worth about $50 million, and leaves out any direct benefits to Campbell’s children with his second wife Billie Jean Nunley. Campbell and Nunley had three children together: a daughter Kelli and sons William Travis and Wesley Kane. A hearing on Campbell’s will is now set for Jan. 18 before a Davidson County Probate Judge.
A federal judge has struck down efforts by Randy Travis to keep video of his infamous 2012 DUI arrest, in which he appeared naked, from being released to the public.  The state of Texas plans to release the video today. No, it won’t be rated ‘X’—the video will be redacted from the waist down.
Blake Shelton is denying reports he recently had a secret meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan at his restaurant in Oklahoma. Blake tweeted: “Literally walked into a restaurant WITH MY FAMILY, bumped into a politician that I’ve never even met before, said hello and took a picture.  And now according to the internet we were hanging out or having some big secret meeting in a PUBLIC restaurant!!!!!!”  Blake ended the ranting tweet with “WT*?!!!”