Do you write letters and/or postcards?

Boss Frog and Niki asked the Morning Stumper question this morning:  Only 17% of people still use this form of communication.  What is it?

The answer is POSTCARD.

I am one of that seventeen percent! Honestly, I still like to write letters and I use postcards a LOT when I travel.  I buy ones to write quick notes to friends.  I even send postcards to the people I travel or visit with.  Beautiful postcards make great souvenirs and thank you cards.  It’s like the fun lasts a little longer when friends get a postcard from a place you went together.  My mom took me on a cruise about ten years ago, and I sent her a thank you postcard from every port where the ship stopped.  She really enjoyed those cards!

Here’s a postcard tip.  Buy extras JUST FOR YOU.  I do this because if I can’t get a good picture of whatever or where-ever, the postcards give me great options to put in a scrapbook or frame when I get home.