Looks like the event everyone is waiting for is finally going to happen!  Life & Style Weekly magazine claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may be finally planning their wedding. A source tells the magazine: “They’re planning a December wedding at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma because Gwen and the boys love it there and it will give them a lot of privacy.”
Billboard magazine claims Maren Morris recently performed ”80s Mercedes” at a party thrown by Mercedes-Benz in Northern California. Maren says she has yet to splurge on a new Mercedes even though she loves the new AMG that was just released. “I haven’t splurged. But after seeing that car, I thought, I need to get off my (backside) and get one.”
Kip Moore tells Rolling Stone magazine that he is not a fan of social media. He says, “There are a few pros to social media, but, for the most part, it’s pretty destructive to the soul. People seek all their validation through it and end up craving other people’s lives. It’s caused everyone to chase fame for the sole purpose of being famous or insta-famous.”