The Denver Post is reporting a federal trial is in its fourth day involving Taylor Swift and a former radio DJ accused of grabbing her behind during a photo op!  David Mueller is accused of allegedly grabbing Taylor’s tushie during a meet-and-greet in Denver back in ’13!  Mueller claims he did no such thing.  He was fired from his job two days after the incident.  More on this as it develops!
So now that Carrie Underwood’s hubby, Mike Fisher, has retired from pro hockey, what is he doing to keep busy?  How about mission work at a children’s facility in Haiti called Danita’s Children!  Carrie Facebooked a picture of Mike along with the caption: “Amazing few days hanging out with some awesome kids! If you’re looking for a place to invest in kids and make a huge difference this is it!”
From the “okay, already, we get it, you’re in love” department!  Us Weekly claims Blake Shelton recently ordered matching denim jean jackets for him and Gwen Stefani. A source says: “Blake really liked a certain jean jacket made by the designer so much, so he made a special order to deck the two of them out.”  As the cool kids say, “SMH!