The debate has been going on for years…has country music become too pop-py?  After Midnite host Cody Alan sat down with Brad Paisley and asked his opinion.  Brad says, “Country music’s always taken twists and turns.  I think there’s room [for everyone] …. If you play your cards right, they don’t typically kick you out of this town. You really gotta push it to get kicked out of Nashville.”
Did you catch Shania Twain on this week’s episodes of The Voice?  Shania made history earlier this week by taking over the first-ever fifth chair during the Top 12 live show.  Shania tells Entertainment Tonight she’d “totally” consider coming back for more.  She’s still very easy on the eyes, so she’ll get no arguments from me!
Justin Moore and his wife Kate are currently building the home of their dreams in Arkansas and the last thing they needed was a fire!  That’s exactly what happened on Monday as the pasture outside the new home suddenly caught fire!  Justin is grateful for the local fire company who doused the flames and wet the ground so they wouldn’t rekindle!  Justin and Kate already have enough to deal with three kids and one on the way this summer!