Tim & Faith duet project due later this year

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have sung together for years.  From “It’s Your Love” in 1997 to “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” released in 2014.  And they perform together during their popular Sou2Soul tours. But Tim tells the Times-Picayune newspaper that he and Faith Hill always wanted to record a CD together. “We always wanted to do a duet album together, but, gosh, we were having our success, our solo success, then do a duet on each other’s projects, and it would do well. But the timing was never right with what was going on in our life, and with the kids and where they were in their lives. We decided we were going to start looking for songs to see what we could find, and we started finding some great songs and got really excited about it. We felt like it would be an album of great songs, and, for us, we never wanted to take the songs for granted or just do a duet project to do a duet project … This might be the only one we do, and we want it to be something we were proud of in every single way.”  According to Rolling Stone, Tim and Faith have signed individual recording contracts with Sony, and we should expect the duet album later this year.